In this digital age, everything and anything is getting a taste of technology and romance has been no exception. With smartphones and the internet being a basic way of life in this modern age, romance has now been digitized and the latest component of this digitization is sexting. And just like most aspects of human life interfered with by technological advancement sexting in a relationship has consequences, both positive and negative. An active indulgence in sexting within a relationship could be an indication of a strong commitment within the relationship. However, overindulgence may cause negative effects to what should be a functional romantic relationship. In this article, both sides of these effects are explored to hopefully assist you in understanding this matter more extensively.

Why People In Relationships Sext

Rob Weisskirch, a professor of Human Development at the State University of California uses a theory he terms as attachment theory which he uses to describe why two people in a romantic relationship would indulge in sexting.

According to the attachment theory: An individual’s relation to their caregiver affects their view on relationships later in their lives. If your caregiver was intrusive or inattentive in their caring for you according to this theory, you may develop what is known as an insecure attachment leading to relational anxiety. Relational anxiety compels one to send sexually suggestive photos, videos, and texts for fear of being negatively evaluated by their romantic partner. But by doing so, how is your relationship affected?

Positive Effects of Sexting

Using Rob Weisskirch’s application of the attachment theory sexting has borne positivity in a significant amount of romantic relationships and in that strengthened them. This is because by sexting these partners are expressing their concern towards pleasing each other’s perceived desires. And so in a relationship where sexting is mutually accepted an aura of comfort in intimacy is formed which brings the partners closer together in a sexual and emotional way. And so as a positive impact of sexting, a romantic relationship is improved emotionally and sexually and overall enhances the commitment between both parties to each other.

It can be quite utile especially in a long distance relationship where physical affection becomes a challenge to provide. However, overindulgence in sexting may cause outcomes within the same relationship that are not so flowery.

Negative Effects of Sexting

A study was conducted at the University of Alberta on the effects of sexting on a romantic relationship and a higher degree of the 615 individuals that where tested expressed negative consequences in their experience with sexting within their relationships.

The study headed by Adan Galovan who is a family scientist revealed that these negatively affected individuals experienced; insecurity, high levels of couples’ conflict and a reduced commitment towards each other. It also revealed that these negatively affected individuals were hyper-sexters.

According to Galovan, these effects are due to these individuals’ focus on the sexual part of their relationships while ignoring all other components that matter. They also recorded a higher dependence on technology. This, in general, makes them ignorant of the aspects of their relationship that need nurturing as they opt for what may seem like a faster and easier way to gratify their sexual urges. In that, they form a relationship with their phones rather than their actual partners.

All in all sexting as a modern way of romantic expression which is slowly growing from a deviant form of expression to a romantic gesture. But it can only fulfill this purpose if used in a controlled fashion. Just like smoking, too much sexting becomes a problem. That is a problem for two, a problem that can only be solved by putting down the phone and have a good old-fashioned dialogue, spending time together and building a worthwhile relationship.

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